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Armstrong laminate flooring Forrest City, AR

Armstrong, with its 150 years of experience, is certainly one of the most popular brands in the flooring industry. We at National Carpet One are therefore excited to offer a selection of Armstrong laminate flooring in our Forrest City, AR store.

Armstrong laminate, like other laminate options, offers natural wood, stone, and tile looks. There are a variety of natural looks from which to choose (different wood species, for example), and each look is truly authentic. Also, Armstrong laminate is certainly more durable and more resistant than its natural wood, stone, and tile counterparts. The floor’s surface resists most scratches and scuffs, so the floor does not need to be refinished like hardwood or resealed like stone. At the same time, the surface will remain protected from spills and stains. Furthermore, Armstrong laminate is moisture resistant. This moisture resistance makes it possible to add natural wood looks to areas such as basements and laundry rooms.

What else makes Armstrong laminate stand out? All Armstrong laminate floors are considered safe and healthy options for your home. Surface finishes, for example, do not include harmful chemicals, so they help contribute to a clean air environment. Because of Armstrong’s insistence on health and safety, each floor either meets or exceeds regulations from the US government and the California Air Resources Board.

When it comes to installation, Armstrong has you covered with easy DIY installation options. Most laminate styles, for example, offer floating installation methods in which the laminate planks do not require a special adhesive.

To learn more about Armstrong laminate and about other Armstrong flooring options, be sure to visit National Carpet One!