• Dec 26, 2014
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2015 Trend Predictions from Designer Sandra Nash

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by Sandra Nash

What are the biggest 2015 Trends you ask?

After attending the High Point Furniture Market, here’s what I learned about 2015 trends. The word “Trendiness” does not translate into home fashions the way we think it does.  In fact, it is only important to 14% of the population.  The deciding factors when decorating a home are PERSONAL TASTE (84%), and COMFORT (75%), regardless of the current fashion/ design trend.  That being said, pillows and area rugs are considered trendy.

What I found interesting is the shift in how the average consumer perceives the industry.  A whopping 66% of people understand that redecorating is ongoing process (21% plan to do after 2 years, 45% after 5 years).  That it’s impossible to ever really finish, because they understand it evolves as we do. It’s the process and the end result that people find pleasurable.


People are downsizing, and as a result, their large/oversized furniture doesn’t fit their new, smaller space.  Requirements are for multi-purpose furniture for our multi-tasking world, with lots of storage.  Indoor looks are being carrying outside to the newly discovered, all important seasonal rooms that used to be called backyards.

Homes need to be more flexible and functional than ever before. Design has evolved so that all the rooms in a home are used being utilized for at least one purpose, if not for several.  Long gone are the living rooms that are never lived in. For example, seating being added to the master bedroom for reading, a sideboard in the dining room that converts to a desk or entertainment unit.

So what does the average consumer find tasteful and comfortable for 2015?

-          Acrylic and brass furniture (acrylic great for small space)

-          Gold and Copper Accents everywhere

-          High drama lighting as focal points

-          Diamond shapes in everything

-          Minerals/ Rocks

-          Turtle shell, and coral motifs

-          Multifunctional furniture with storage

-          DETAIL was huge. Everything was very detail oriented/ embellished. For example, contrast piping, trims, tufting, and intricate studding…Hardware that resembled accents seen on high-end designer handbags.

I saw 3 distinct color ways and themes throughout market:


This is the next big thing that is already hot in Europe. Mulberry, Bordeaux accented with wheat and gold.  These reds will be seen in accent furniture, rugs and accessories.


Still remain strong. Mid-toned ocean hues (lavender reflections of early morning to the jades/teals of the deep oceans).  These themes anchored by grey limestone and accented with emerald green or mustard yellow.



Metallic, organic colorways that revolve around natural pigments. Bronze, copper and charcoal accented with fur, feathers and leather.


Sandra Nash has been in the interior design business since 1990. Her company, Making A Scene, is the realization of her passion for design. Her interior design practice specializes in decorating high-end homes for high profile clientele, as well as upscale bars and restaurants.

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