Healthier Living Installation

Healthy and clean floor installation

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Exclusive Flooring Installation

floor installation Forrest City, AR

Floor installation is often a messy project. Dust, dirt, and other particles can certainly affect your new floor, but, more importantly, they can affect the health and safety of your family. Sure, you can sweep and vacuum as much as you’d like, but without a clean and safe installation, there will likely consequences down the line. Fortunately, we offer the exclusive Healthier Living Installation. The Healthier Living Installation is a totally clean and safe way to handle flooring installation. To learn more about the Healthier Living Installation, be sure to visit National Carpet One in Forrest City, AR. The process is exclusive to Carpet One stores, so we are one of the only stores in the area who put the health and safety of your family first!

Our exclusive process only has three unique unique steps:

1) Cleaning the subfloor with a HEPA vacuum
2) Applying a water-based antimicrobial solution
3) Cleaning the new floor with the same HEPA vacuum after installation

The whole process is safe and helps to get rid of all the nasty toxins and contaminants that could be lurking on your subfloor or your new floor. Performing this process during floor installation means that you're getting rid of around 99% of all the dust and debris laying around on your subfloor, as well as scooping up anything that might have clung to your new floor during the installation process.