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Hanover Hills Hardwood Flooring

Hanover Hills™ hardwood is made to suit the wants and needs of just about any homeowner. Discover the look and authenticity of classic solid hardwoods as well as the easy care and durability of an engineered collection in a range of styles such as traditional, hand-scraped, and rustic. Hanover Hills™ also features exotic species for those who love unique flooring. You can find the hardwood floor you want and need with us at National Carpet One Floor & Home in Forrest City.

In addition to the basic appeal of the wood grains and tones, Hanover Hills™ also provides a large selection of plank widths and gloss levels to suit your tastes. Each collection also features a universal trim program will help you with the finishing touches. And, of course, Hanover Hills™ is an outstanding value with price ranges and warranties to fit virtually every need.

Hanover Hills hardwood flooring

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

We love hardwood flooring for several reasons. Thanks to the development of engineered hardwood, you can have wood flooring in more spaces around your home for a more unified look. Hardwood is a long-lasting and naturally durable option that adds value to your home. When properly cared for, your hardwood floors could last the life of your home.

Hardwood can be installed in several rooms around your home, and comes in a variety of styles, colors, types and more for you to choose from. As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, our exclusive brand Hanover Hills™ hardwood features beautiful wood details and is incredibly affordable.