Metroflor Artistek

Quality luxury vinyl flooring for your home setting

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Metroflor Artistek is a much more durable alternative to hardwood and stone flooring. Plus, it’s more affordable! Be sure to visit National Carpet One in Forrest City, AR to see exactly why Artistek is one of the most dependable luxury vinyl flooring options available today.

Like all luxury vinyl floors, Artistek features a layered structure. The top layer, however, is unique to Artistek. Artistek has a ceramic bead overlay that consists of microscopic ceramic particles that are suspended in a liquid base. This overlay provides long-lasting wear resistance to keep the floor looking as good as new. In addition to the ceramic bead overlay, Artistek has a more traditional vinyl wear layer. This wear layer protects against scratches and scuffs. With two strong protective layers, Artistek is certainly more durable than hardwood, stone, and most vinyl floors.

In addition to the protective layers, Artistek had solid vinyl core layers that are pressed together to form a core. This core provides the entire floor with strength and dimensional stability, but it’s also flexible. This flexibility means that Artistek, unlike hardwood and stone, is rather comfortable underfoot.

Artistek is offered in a variety of wood and stone looks. You can, for example, choose from multiple selections, including slate, stone, and rustic wood. These looks, as you can imagine, are all truly authentic! So, Artistek is without a doubt a quality hardwood and stone flooring alternative.