Stylish, comfortable carpets that are built to resist stains


National Carpet One in Forrest City, AR has you and your home covered with a selection of ultra-durable STAINMASTER carpet. STAINMASTER continues to be one of the most trusted names in the carpet industry, so it always seems to be a first choice amongst homeowners. Why? STAINMASTER carpets simply perform well in any home setting, regardless of external stresses. Let’s take a look at some of STAINMASTER’s main differentiators:

Strong fibers: STAINMASTER carpets are made with type 6,6 nylon fibers, which are some of the most durable fibers on the market. These fibers have a tight molecule structure, so they are extremely difficult to stain. Plus, they offer great appearance retention, which means that the fibers will not crush over time. At the same time, although type 6,6 fibers are super-durable, they do remain soft and warm like any other carpet fibers.

Stain treatment: All STAINMASTER carpets feature a unique stain treatment that prevents all surface stains. This treatment is totally permanent, so it never needs to be reapplied, even after steam cleanings.

Lotus FX Fiber Shield: For extra surface protection, STAINMASTER offers the Lotus FX Fiber Shield. This shield prevents soil from sticking to the carpet fibers, so the soil can be easily vacuumed. What results is a soil-free and clean surface.

Anti-static technology: STAINMASTER carpets actually have a carbon filament that acts like a lightning rod to draw charge away from the surface. As a result, the surface is free from any static electricity.

STAINMASTER carpet Forrest City, AR