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You’ve done your due diligence - researching your options, shopping around, and considering carefully – and now you’re certain you’ve found luxury vinyl flooring that’s everything you want and need. Now what? At National Carpet One Floor & Home, you can always count on our expert advice - whether you ultimately decide to schedule a professional installation, or opt to install your new floor yourself. Be sure to visit us in Forrest City to learn take advantage of our selection of luxury vinyl flooring brands and our expert advice.

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Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

At National Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand that your new luxury vinyl floor represents a serious investment. The truth is, the end result can majorly impact your property value – and that means for better or for worse. Many homeowners are relieved to learn that the majority of today’s luxury vinyl flooring has a relatively simple installation process. In fact, certain vinyl planks and tiles are made to simply click together, forming a floating floor, and eliminating the need for an adhesive.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there are still some types of luxury vinyl, including sheet vinyl, that need to be directly glued to the subfloor. For some homeowners, this process seems feasible enough. Others, however, might not exactly relish in this prospect- and that’s okay. Either way, we’re always here to help you. Our professional installation team has decades of experience and truly shares our passion for perfection.

Where Can Luxury Vinyl Flooring Be Installed?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers tremendous installation versatility. In other words, it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Luxury vinyl is suitable for areas with moisture and foot traffic, and it is a great option for homes with children and pets. Also, there are commercial vinyl flooring options that can be installed in offices, stores, and other commercial settings.

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If you want to add natural style to your kitchen, consider a luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile option. Vinyl plank and tile are more durable and easier to maintain than hardwood and stone.

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Invincible H2O vinyl flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring, since it is water resistant, can be installed in bathrooms. We recommend choosing a waterproof flooring option such as Invincible H2O or COREtec Plus.

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Commercial Settings

There are commercial luxury vinyl floors that are built to handle heavy foot traffic and other impacts. Typically, the vinyl planks and tiles are extra thick and rugged, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

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