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Wood flooring, because of its natural looks and durability, has become one of the most popular flooring choices in residential areas. But, when people think of wood flooring, they only think of solid hardwood. We at National Carpet One Floor & Home in Forrest City, AR are here to tell you there are a variety of wood flooring options available. From hardwood to cork to even bamboo, wood flooring can be perfect for your next redesign or renovation.

Different Types of Hardwood

Hardwood is either solid or engineered. Solid hardwood is made from genuine wood, so it possesses wood’s beauty and durability. Engineered hardwood is constructed with three to seven wood layers. The construction makes it more dimensionally stable. We carry specialty hardwood brands such as Anderson, Indus Parquet, Bruce, Mannington, and LM Flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is noted for its unique looks. It has distinctive patterns of darker bands and nodules that set it apart from hardwood. Bamboo also has a hard surface, and it is dimensionally stable and easy to maintain. It can be cut vertically or horizontally to reveal different grain patterns.

Cork Flooring

Cork has been used for flooring for hundreds of years, but it is currently undergoing a sort of rebirth. It’s naturally flexible, so it reduces sound, is comfortable to walk on, and resists wear and indents. Cork also is one of the cleanest flooring options because it is resistant to dust, allergens, mold, and mildew.

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