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Carpet Remnants in Forrest City, AR

Carpet Remnants

National Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for carpet remnants. We carry an array of remnant collections for discounted prices at our Forrest City, AR showroom. Visit us today or contact our showroom to learn more.




What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are the end pieces of carpet rolls. They’re too small to use in a full-scale project, but they’re still useful in a variety of ways. Although our carpet remnants are for sale, they’re still made from high-end, luxury carpet lines. You’ll find stylish patterns, colors, and textures among our selection. You’ll also find ultra-durable premium fibers like nylon and triexta. Our carpet pieces also feature stain-resistant and moisture-wicking properties. 




What Can Carpet Remnants Be Used For?

Carpet remnants are a great way to do small renovations on a budget. You can use them for flooring in closets, small bedrooms, offices, nurseries, playrooms, entryways, hallways, and other minimal spaces. Additionally, you can create inexpensive custom area rugs, runners, floor mats, and carpet stairs with them. You can bind the remnants to give them a finished look and to also prevent fraying in the future. 



Many people also use carpet scraps under their furniture legs to help protect hard surface floors. They’re also great for moving as you can flip them pile side down and use them to slide heavier pieces like couches across the floor. Carpet pieces are also great padding for storage boxes and pet crates. 



Our customers also like to use them for cleaning. For instance, the pile side of carpet scraps is perfect for getting hard to reach grime and dust out of window screens and mesh. You can also create cat scratch posts and use them around workshops, garages, and sheds for various purposes. 



If you’re interested in learning more about our carpet remnant selection, plan a visit to our Forrest City location. Our local experts are here to help you find what you need, and we’re always ready to provide insight and advice on your next installation project.



At National Carpet One Floor & Home in Forrest City, we are proud to be the local flooring provider to Francis County and all of North Eastern, Arkansas.

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