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Farmhouse Style Bathrooms

Farmhouse Flooring Options


Farmhouse style flooring is a timeless trend that’s growing in popularity thanks to its comfortable and charming feel. The most popular farmhouse floors feature extra wide wood planks in natural shades and designs. Farmhouse décor generally balances an authentic rustic feel with chic modern refinement. If you’re interested in this look, you don’t need to commit to real hardwood, which can be expensive to install and maintain. At National Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry a wide assortment of wood look luxury vinyl and tile, in addition to our gorgeous genuine hardwood selection. Our local flooring experts are happy to help you find the perfect product to give any room in your home a cozy, natural, and stylish elegance. 


Farmhouse Flooring Ideas


The best flooring for a farmhouse style home, kitchen, living room, and more is authentic hardwood or a wood look alternative. Both wood look tiles and luxury vinyl wood planks incorporate high definition imagery and texturing that beautifully emulates real hardwood. LVP and wood look tile are also great if you’re creating a farmhouse style kitchen on a budget, as it’s generally more affordable than real hardwood. 


Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring


Modern chic farmhouse style kitchens are one of the most sought after home design trends today. Bathrooms and entryways are also popular options for farmhouse décor. Since these are high-moisture areas where splashes, spills, and humidity are inevitable, we recommend using an engineered or waterproof hardwood, wood look tiles, or waterproof luxury vinyl plank for your farmhouse flooring in these spaces. 


This is because solid hardwood naturally shrinks and expands when exposed to water, leading to warping, gapping, and cracking, whereas engineered and waterproof hardwood products are constructed in durable cross layers that offer more structural stability. Reclaimed hardwood is also a great option. Since it’s extremely seasoned, it isn’t as easily impacted by moisture and humidity. LVP and wood look tiles also come in waterproof, durable selections. Popular farmhouse hardwood flooring colors range from deep, slightly worn, and rich finishes to distressed, light, and whitewashed. 


If you’re interested in learning more about farmhouse interior design characteristics or getting a farmhouse style floor for your home, contact us today. You can also visit our gorgeous showroom in Forrest City, AR to browse our products in person and chat with our local professionals. 


At National Carpet One Floor & Home in Forrest City, we are proud to be the local farmhouse flooring provider to Francis County and all of North Eastern, Arkansas.

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