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Vinyl Flooring in Forrest City, AR

Vinyl flooring is the fastest-growing flooring option and the first choice for homeowners seeking style and function. Vinyl planks and tiles are durable, stunning, and highly affordable. At National Carpet One Floor & Home in Forrest City, AR, we can help you find vinyl flooring to manage your home with ease. Our expansive vinyl flooring inventory spans the best vinyl flooring brands.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?


Vinyl flooring can be found in plank, tile, and sheet form.



Is Vinyl Flooring Moisture Resistant or Waterproof?


While water-resistant vinyl floors can repel moisture, splashes from bathtubs or puddles leftover from wet shoes will eventually sink beneath the surface. This causes mold and mildew growth, along with warping, cupping, and bubbling of the individual floor pieces. A moist subfloor cab cause serious issues down the road that are expensive to fix.


With waterproof vinyl flooring, each plank or tile has a watertight seal to prevent moisture from escaping into the seams. The layered construction promotes stability and withstands changes in humidity and temperature. It has a specialized core that allows moisture to evaporate before it harms the subfloor.

Unlike natural tile and hardwood, waterproof luxury vinyl is simple to install and requires minimal labor and preparation. It can go in any room that has a dry, flat, and clean subfloor, and it’s ideal for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, entryways, and laundry rooms.


Planning Your Vinyl Flooring Installation


Today’s vinyl flooring has a simple installation process. In fact, certain vinyl planks and tiles simply click together, forming a floating floor, and eliminating the need for an adhesive.


It’s important to keep in mind that specific types of luxury vinyl, including sheet vinyl, are glued to the subfloor. This process seems feasible enough for a lot of us, Others might not exactly relish in this prospect- and that’s okay. Either way, we’re always here to help you. Our professional installation team has decades of experience and truly shares our passion for perfection.



Browse Our Vinyl Flooring Collection


As members of the continent’s favorite flooring cooperative, National Carpet One has incredible purchasing power and the best vinyl flooring products and brands. We proudly serve clients throughout Northeastern Arkansas. Please visit us soon at 310 South Washington in Forrest City, AR, to learn more about our vinyl flooring options, or shop online today.




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Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Whether you are investing in brand-new luxury

vinyl floors or you’re moving into a home with

vinyl, it’s easy to maintain and care for luxury

vinyl flooring with our tips and tricks.